Monday, January 9, 2012

Who is More Dangerous and Out of Control – Obama or the Courts? | Godfather Politics

Americans have been watching President Obama assume more absolute power than any president in history. He has openly violated more sections of the US Constitution and federal laws than any group of presidents in history. He has all the earmarks of turning America into a Marxist dictatorship, but is he really the most dangerous and out of control political entity in the United States.

When the Founding Fathers established the three branches of government, they did so with the idea that there would be checks and balances on each to make sure that no one branch assumes too much power. In fact, their original intent was that the judicial branch was to be the least powerful of the three branches. But as we have seen in the past few decades, the judicial branch has assumed the role of having the ultimate and final authority in the land, even over the other two branches of government and over the will of the American people.

Cases in point:

Who is More Dangerous and Out of Control – Obama or the Courts? | Godfather Politics